1100 Words You Need to Know – Week 4, Day 2

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  • Coursebook: 1100 Words You Need to Know
  • Session: Week 4, Day 2
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  • New Words: pugnaciouspromulgatebrashscoffbelittle

Mullins Throws Down the Gauntlet*

The pugnacious K.O. Mullins demanded a rematch. He took a full-page newspaper advertisement to promulgate his challenge. When the champ’s manager saw the brash announcement, he accosted* Mullins, who was surrounded by a throng* of newsmen. The manager openly scoffed at Mullins and belittled his fighting ability. Mullins then lost his temper and fearlessly punched the manager, knocking him from his wheelchair.

Sample Sentences

Use the new words in the following sentences.

  1. We implored* the faculty advisor to __________ the requirements for the presidency of the club.
  2. My mother liked the salesman’s __________ personality, but he irritated most people.
  3. I don’t understand modern art, but I neither loathe* nor __________ at it.
  4. Since everyone can outpunch my cousin, he cannot afford to be __________.
  5. Although Ralph can’t play, he doesn’t hesitate to __________ the efforts of our football team.


Match the new words with their meanings.

  1. pugnacious ____ a. quarrelsome
  2. promulgate ____ b. to make seem less important
  3. brash ____ c. to sneer at
  4. scoff ____ d. impudent
  5. belittle ____ e. to make known officially

Today’s Idiom

feeling no pain: drunk

Although the party had just begun, after his first drink he was feeling no pain.

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