504 Absolutely Essential Words | Lesson 15

504 Absolutely Essential Words LELB Society

| Lesson 15

504 Absolutely Essential Words | Lesson 15

Student: Arash

Words in Context

504 Absolutely Essential Words | Lesson 15
1. expand: increase in size; enlarge; swell
a. We will expand our business as soon as we locate a new building.
b. Present laws against people who pollute* the air must be expanded.
c. Expanding the comic strips, the editor* hoped that more people would buy his paper.
2. alter: make different; change; vary
a. I altered my typical* lunch and had a steak instead.
b. Dorothy agreed to alter my dress if I would reveal* its cost to her.
c. It’s absurd* to spend money to alter that old candy store.
3. mature: ripe; fully grown or developed
a. I could tell that Mitch was mature from the way he persisted* in his work.
b. Only through mature study habits can a person hope to gain knowledge.*
c. It is essential* that you behave in a mature way in the business world.
4. sacred: worthy of respect; holy
a. Her sacred medal had to be sold because the family was in urgent* need of money.
b. It was revealed* by the journalist* that the sacred temple had been torn down.
c. Kate made a sacred promise to her parents never to miss a Sunday church service.
5. revise: change; alter*; bring up to date
a. My family revised its weekend plans when the weather turned hazy.*
b. The dictionary was revised and then published in a more expensive* edition.
c. Under the revised rules, Shane was eliminated* from competing.*
6. pledge: promise
a. Before the grand jury, the sinister* gangster pledged to tell the whole truth.
b. Monte was reluctant* to pledge his loyalty* to his new girlfriend.
c. Pledged to discovering the facts, the journalist* began to dig up new evidence* for his readers.
7. casual: happening by chance; not planned or expected; not calling attention to itself
a. As the villain* stole the money from the blind man, he walked away in a casual manner.
b. The bartender made a casual remark about the brawl* in the backroom.
c. Following a casual meeting on the street, the bachelor* renewed his friendship with the widow.
8. pursue: follow; proceed along
a. We pursued the bicycle thief until he vanished* from our vision.*
b. Ernie rowed up the river, pursuing it to its source.*
c. The senior wanted to pursue urban* affairs as his life’s work.
9. unanimous: in complete agreement
a. The class was unanimous in wanting to eliminate* study halls.
b. There has never been an election in our union which was won by a unanimous vote.
c. The Senate, by a unanimous vote, decided to decrease* taxes.
10. fortunate: having good luck; lucky
a. Wesley was fortunate to have an adequate* sum of money in the bank.
b. It is fortunate that the famine* did not affect our village.
c. The underdog* was fortunate enough to come out a winner.
11. pioneer: one who goes first or prepares a way for others
a. My grandfather was a pioneer in selling wholesale* products.
b. England was a pioneer in building large vessels* for tourists.
c. In the fourth grade I assembled* a picture collection of great American pioneers.
12. innovative: fresh; clever; having new ideas
a. The innovative ads for the candy won many new customers.
b. Everyone in our office praised the boss for his innovative suggestions.
c. Nicole decided to alter* her approach and become more innovative.

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