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LELB SocietyLELB Society at a Glance

LELB Society was initially founded by Dr. Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl in July of 2010.

The major objective of this online community is to provide ample opportunities for all of the people, particularly Iranians, to optimize their English learning together with updating and improving their lives through the window of English, thereby ‘Learning English to Live Better‘ (LELB).

The main content of this website is basically developed by its students and members by creating an ongoing archive of our online classes alongside their corresponding podcasts, something which is technically referred to as coursecasting. In so doing, our database is improving every day. You can click here to have access to our growing archive together with corresponding podcasts.

LELB Society is technically a growing blogging system as a discussion and informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of numerous academic posts, podcasts and discussions forums in English.


As an expanding educational blog or EduBlog, the archive of our posts, podcasts, discussion forums, etc. is being enriched day in, day out.


On the bottom right corner of your display, you can reach LELB Chat to have interaction with our members or visitors synchronously. You can socialize with the other users either publicly or privately.


As an indispensable feature of any standard blog, LELB Society is endowed with a robust commenting system at the bottom of each post, which can give its members this golden opportunity to study each post carefully and leave their questions, ideas, suggestions or even criticisms in the form of comments or replies.


LELB Society, as a reliable English source, endeavors to enrich its unique and innovative corpus of English words, phrases, collocations, idioms, quotations, etc. in context with the help of the generous and invaluable creativity and contribution of its loyal and active members all around the globe.

Discussion Forums

On LELB Society, you can use our classified discussion forums to ask your English questions, share your knowledge and experiences on learning/teaching English, exchange English jokes, riddles, quotations, have access to our growing bank of challenging questions in English, and so forth.

Find English Partners

Find ideal English partners or pen pals to practice English with throughout the entire world based on your age, gender, geographical location, proficiency level in English, English style, and the like.

LELB Photo Dictionary

LELB Photo Dictionary with hundreds of illustrated entries gives you this exceptional chance to learn and internalize words, phrases, idioms, etc. (even highly abstract ones) with photos that can help you to improve your vocabulary knowledge with a better and more lasting retention. With the help of tooltip technology, you can easily find the entries of the LELB Photo Dictionary in the body of our posts by simply hovering the cursor of your mouse on them.


Each post of our expanding blog is supplemented with one or more corresponding podcast that you can listen to or watch (podclip) to learn English better.


LELB Society is enriched with thousands of tags, which are growing in daily schedule, at the bottom of each post that can help you to find special words, phrases, and specially collocations, on other posts. With the help of our growing tags, you can appropriately improve your knowledge on English collocations.

Academic Tasks and Activities (alphabetically ordered)


Argue for/against

In conversation classes, the students argue for and against challenging and two-sided questions and take either positive or negative positions to them. Then, corresponding to their positions, they go to one of the I agree or I disagree voice channels on Discord, working in their groups and with their partners to brainstorm over the challenging questions. After two minutes, they come back to the main conversation voice channel on Discord to have an argument over the questions, striving to convince the other side that they are right based on the reasons they have come up with in their groups.

Karaoke Practice

  • In this voluntary activity, you can sing in place of the artist in our Tea Break voice channel.
  • This activity can help you to boost the level of your confidence and overcome your shyness to a very significant degree, which is absolutely essential for your success in the speaking part of the IELTS and TOEFL exam.

Lecture Delivery

In group classes, one student gives a lecture and the other students and the teacher listen to the lecture, while taking notes. Then there will be questions and answers in reference to the lecture focusing on grammar points, mispronunciations, questions about the content of the lecture, etc.

Listening Practice

In this activity, the students go the the Listening Room voice channel on Discord and listen to an audio file in the form of a lecture, narration, presentation, conversation, dialog, etc. played by the teacher only once. Then the students come back to the main voice channel on Discord, trying to answer the questions developed from the audio file.

Photo Scanning

The students scan an ambiguous photo with a statement as its caption, trying to find as many evidences as they can in support of the statement. In this regard, the students might even challenge each other to provide more reasons, details or evidence to prove their claims.

Reaching a Conclusion

At the end of each conversation class, the students refer to their notes they have been taking during the class to come to an informed conclusion. In so doing, the students are encouraged to raise the level of their consciousness in reference to the discussions.

Reading Practice

In this activity, the students, one by one, read a carefully selected piece of writing, while the other students interactively try to focus on the pronunciation and meaning of words and phrases. This group activity that is ideal for practicing reading can help the students to improve their intensive reading, enrich their vocabulary, improve their pronunciation, practice reading comprehension skills, make correct inferences, practice scanning and skimming, and so forth.

Round Table

In this group activity, the students create questions on the specified topics and leave them in the form of comments at the bottom of corresponding posts. The other students would also reply to the existing questions in our comment forms. Then in our synchronous classes, the students pose their questions (comments and replies) to each other in a really interactive fashion.

Tea Break

As a short break in the middle of intensive classes, the students go to the Tea Break voice channel on our Discord server and listen to a popular inspiring English song together with its corresponding lyrics. Meanwhile, they can enjoy sipping at their tea or coffee with pleasure.

Writing Practice

In our group classes, the students compose paragraphs, essays or articles and submit them to us via commenting. Then the other students and the teacher assess the writings before the class through replying to the comments or in the class through synchronous assessment and analysis. In this way, the students can improve their writing skills in a completely practical way through trial and error and learning from each other.

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