English Chat on Discord for IELTS and TOEFL

English chat on Discord

English chat on Discord for IELTS and TOEFL with hundreds of candidates all around the world

The Discord app used by LELB Society for English language classes and tutorials is a great application for learning and developing language learning. This app has some great features that you will find useful, particularly to learn foreign languages.

Special features of Discord

Efficient and regular communication in each section of the channel based on your learning needs

LELB Society’s Discord server has a special feature that caters to the needs of learners in any of the language areas such as IELTS, TOEFL, Vocabulary, Conversation, Grammar, Language Teaching, English Partner and Persian learning. Learners can participate in text or voice chat in any field they need. For example, if someone has an IELTS test, scores and how to pass a high score, IELTS resources, or any other questions about it, they can go into the IELTS chat room or discuss it with other people there.

In addition, learners can search for their subject and view relevant content.

Effective bilateral communication in language teaching

Programs such as Skype or training groups at Telegram and WhatsApp often do not allow for effective two-way communication, and a limited number of people can chat in the group to learn the language, and ultimately if there are too many people in the group, the activities tend to become chaotic and confusing after a while. As a result, these programs cannot work well in language teaching and learning.

In addition, online people in the right-hand panel of the server are specified and language learners can chat with people online.

Connecting with different people from all over the world

Our Discord server with active members from all over the world allows learners to connect with a great many people as well as people who are keen to learn foreign languages. People chat with each other on different sections of the LELB Society Discord server as needed. They ask their questions and they get the answer. The LELB Society Discord server currently has more than 400 active members, and this number is increasing every day.

No noise for English chat on Discord

One feature of the LELB Society’s online language learning academy server on Discord is providing in-person chat room or classroom instruction in the Discord program. The learners in the chat room can enable “push to talk” so that the noise in the environment does not disturb the learners during the conversation. The chat room has a very useful order for learners.

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