Learn Farsi on Discord with Native Persian Speakers

Learn Farsi on Discord

Learn Farsi on Discord is a new way to take classes online. Because with this method, it is possible to create a perfectly ideal environment like the physical classroom environment for learners.

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Online Farsi Classes on Discord

Discord is an online communication software that was first used by gamers. Since this Internet-based software enables the user to have high quality and very convenient features, all the audio, video and text messaging capabilities of the Internet, within a short period of time, Discord has gained a lot of attention. To attract people (not just gamers), so it’s already outperforming other software like Skype and TeamSpeak.

You can install and use Discord software on all operating systems and on all devices for free. Click here to download and install the app. Click here to learn more about Online Farsi Classes.

How to teach Persian language for non-Persian speakers

Online Persian education at LELB Society is taught by the most experienced online Farsi teachers. Our teaching method is completely creative and based on unique and original sources of online Persian language teaching. Online Persian language teaching resources at LELB Society are exclusively prepared by the faculty and experienced staff at LELB Society.

All four language skills are naturally enhanced and practiced simultaneously in our Online Farsi Learning Classes at LELB Society, both group and private. On the other hand, unlike other schools, at LELB Society, the main focus is on the original and applied content, rather than textbooks, developed by the academic staff of LELB Society. This makes learning the Farsi language fully functional and based on communication.

Contact us to register for our online Farsi classes taught by native Persian speakers. The first session with evaluation and counseling is always free. Our online Farsi students have full access to our premium Persian learning resources.

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