Learn Persian for beginners and online courses for Non-Persian learners

Learn Persian for beginners

Learn Persian for beginners

The primary purpose of the course is to learn to read and write Persian. At the end of the course, learners can read and understand every simple text and write their content in simple sentences. If the learners to be taught in the correct way of reading and writing, they will never be afraid of reading unfamiliar words, and they can write any word that is spoken in Persian based on alphabet voices. It is obvious that sometimes learners pronounce some words by mistake or make the mistake of writing when the letters have the same sound as “Z= ز ، ض، ذ، ظ”. Such mistakes will be gradually resolved through practice, repetition, and improvement of reading and writing skills.

Reading and writing instruction begins when learners can correctly understand every word that they hear and can recognize the parts and sounds of that word.

The form of sounds () and how they are written are taught based on the principles of Persian teaching. For ease of learning, the simple form of scripts and letters is used to help readers easily learn the rules of writing and easily read the texts in any book or print.

The starts with teaching simple and easy-to-use letters to difficult letters. The new letter is taught in a word that the other letters are already learned by the learners. This word will be the “” for the new letter.

In elementary lessons, images and things related to familiar words are used to teach and recognize the letters that learners are often encountered in everyday life.

You can participate in our online classes to practice the 4 skills and speak Persian fluently.

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