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Part 1:

Look at these examples:
? I enjoy reading. (not I enjoy to read)
? closing the door? (not mind to dose)
? Chris suggested going to the cinema. (not suggested to go)
After enjoy, mind and suggest, we use -ing or gerund (not to … ).
Some more verbs that are followed by -ing:
stop – finish – consider – deny – avoid – risk – imagine – fancy
? Suddenly everybody stopped talking. There was silence.
? I’ll when I’ve finished cleaning the flat.
? He tried to avoid answering my question.
? Would you mind closing the door?
? I don’t fancy going out this evening. (= I’m not enthusiastic about it)
? Have you ever considered going to ?
? They said they were . They denied .
The negative form is not -ing:
? When I’m , I enjoy not having to .

Part B:

We also use -ing or gerund after:
(= stop)
(= postpone)
carry on (=continue)
(=do something continuously or repeatedly)
? I’ve given up . I think it’s .
? Catherine doesn’t want to retire. She wants to go on working. (or … to carry on working.)
? You keep interrupting when I’m talking! or You keep on interrupting .. .

Part C:

With some verbs you can use the structure verb + somebody + -ing or gerund:
? I can’t imagine George .
? You can’t stop me doing what I want.
? Did you really say that? I don’t remember you saying that.
? ‘.’ ‘That’s all right.’
⚠️ Note the passive form (being done/seen/kept etc.):
? I don’t mind being kept waiting. (= I don’t mind people keeping me … )

Part D:

When you are talking about , you can say having done/stolen/said etc. :
? They admitted having stolen the money.
But it is not necessary to use having (done). You can also say:
? They admitted stealing the money.
? I now saying (or having said) what I said.

Part E:

After some of the verbs on this page (especially admit/deny/suggest) you can also use that … :
? They denied that they had stolen the money. (or They denied stealing … )
? Chris suggested that we went to the cinema. (or Sa m suggested going … )

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